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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1152129615315134403182366152*Blake NoorbergenBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 13 Division 14 1Wentworthville Leagues Grey
211769034115134403183978117*Blake NewmanBaulkham Hills2019/2020A3 1Guildford Leagues Maroon
311472852915134403184428114Tim ChesherBaulkham Hills2019/2020B103 1Kings Langley
4104129615315134403181294104*Blake NoorbergenBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 13 Division 12 1Hills Barbarians
510372889115134403193509103Joe MacraeBaulkham Hills2019/2020B114 1Hills Barbarians
69614521581513440318127196Murphy DuncombeBaulkham Hills Gold2019/2020Under 13 Division 21 1Rouse Hill Rams
79218450051513440318398392Nishant DaveBaulkham Hills2019/2020A Reserve3 1Western Wolves
8907218791513440318237390Harrison J EshBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 14 Division 14 1Guildford Leagues
98717895441513440319354487Sankalp ShuklaBaulkham Hills2019/2020B154 2Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL
10867703251513440319351186Varun MahinthanBaulkham Hills2019/2020B124 1Kings Langley
11801073631513440318399580Dave McDonaldBaulkham Hills2019/2020B33 1Cheetahs Sports Club
127816456271513440318237778Saifan AliBaulkham Hills Gold2019/2020Under 14 Division 24 1Hills Barbarians
13758529291513440318601775Mitchell ZywietzBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 15 Division 13 1Kings Langley
14727324461513440318405672Danuka RathnayakeBaulkham Hills2019/2020B43 1Greystanes
15728614831513440318405672Chaminda Thirimanna Baulkham Hills2019/2020B43 1Greystanes
167110422541513440318167371Michael NorfordBaulkham Hills2019/2020B32 1Wentworthville Leagues
17716877141513440319462971Thomas GurkaBaulkham Hills2019/2020A5 1Super11 Sports
186912961531513440318241269Blake NoorbergenBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 13 Division 15 1Greystanes
196919053751513440318016569Pavan Kumar PaparajuBaulkham Hills2019/2020B151 2Sydney Supersonics
206814368171513440318235868Minuka FernandoBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 16 Division 13 1Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL Maroon
216714766741513440318128867*Nathan CranwellBaulkham Hills Gold2019/2020Under 15 Division 21 1Parramatta
22672684071513440319324167Joshua MannBaulkham Hills2019/2020A4 2Wentworthville Leagues Grey
236717457581513440319344667*Ahmed Kaithal ShahirBaulkham Hills2019/2020B94 1Winston Hills
246612960591513440318147466Liam CovellBaulkham Hills Gold2019/2020Under 15 Division 22 1Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL
256414871821513440318127064Amitoj S KalsiBaulkham Hills Maroon2019/2020Under 13 Division 21 1Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL
266312962621513440318192563*Hayden ZywietzBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 13 Division 13 1Pendle Hill Colts
276219022081513440318405662Chani LokugeBaulkham Hills2019/2020B43 1Greystanes
286112960521513440318127861*Yuvraj BediBaulkham Hills Maroon2019/2020Under 14 Division 21 1Wentworthville Leagues
296016481091513440318398360Chintankumar PatelBaulkham Hills2019/2020A Reserve3 1Western Wolves
30606934871513440319324160Daniel ChatmanBaulkham Hills2019/2020A4 1Wentworthville Leagues Grey
315916456281513440318234259*Sachit De SilvaBaulkham Hills Gold2019/2020Under 14 Division 23 1Winston Hills
32587288941513440318399058Ishmam MasudBaulkham Hills2019/2020B23 1Kings Langley
335718895631513440318445957Luke BertusBaulkham Hills2019/2020B143 2Kings Langley
345710498911513440318239757Luke UrkanciBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 15 Division 14 1Sydney Supersonics
355712960591513440318240657Liam CovellBaulkham Hills Gold2019/2020Under 15 Division 24 1Greystanes
36567703201513440318442856*Michael IslipBaulkham Hills2019/2020B103 1Kings Langley
37567284351513440318006756Brett McLarenBaulkham Hills2019/2020B111 1Sydney Supersonics
38556903271513440318007755Joshua BalzaroloBaulkham Hills2019/2020B141 1Rouse Hill Rams
395514871821513440318129655Amitoj S KalsiBaulkham Hills Maroon2019/2020Under 13 Division 22 1Baulkham Hills Gold
405514368171513440318531455Minuka FernandoBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 16 Division 12 1Kings Langley
41541073631513440318167354Dave McDonaldBaulkham Hills2019/2020B32 1Wentworthville Leagues
42547290231513440318002554Luke JeromeBaulkham Hills2019/2020B11 1Wentworthville Leagues
435319042461513440318445953Myles BurginBaulkham Hills2019/2020B143 1Kings Langley
445316481081513440319473553Lucas OvertonBaulkham Hills2019/2020B115 1Wentworthville Leagues
455216456331513440318141452Syed H HasnainBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 15 Division 12 1Wentworthville Waratahs
46528529221513440318601752Vishal SureshBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 15 Division 13 1Kings Langley
47526714651513440318397852Greg McLoughlinBaulkham Hills2019/2020A3 1Guildford Leagues Maroon
48526935361513440318444052*Steven SarlogBaulkham Hills2019/2020B123 1Hills Barbarians
49517284381513440318443451Mark RitchieBaulkham Hills2019/2020B113 1Pendle Hill Colts
50517285661513440318003851*Anthony LiyanageBaulkham Hills2019/2020B41 2Wentworthville Leagues
51518614831513440318003851*Chaminda Thirimanna Baulkham Hills2019/2020B41 1Wentworthville Leagues
525116456331513440318128251*Syed H HasnainBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 15 Division 11 1Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL
53517098271513440318399051*Ajay MohanBaulkham Hills2019/2020B23 1Kings Langley
54516903271513440318445951Joshua BalzaroloBaulkham Hills2019/2020B143 2Kings Langley
55519729381513440318169551Samarth YadavBaulkham Hills2019/2020B92 1Rouse Hill Rams
565012385691513440319354450*Jamie MarshallBaulkham Hills2019/2020B154 2Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL
57506935361513440319351150Steven SarlogBaulkham Hills2019/2020B124 1Kings Langley
585010346131513440318237350*Rishi JaiswalBaulkham Hills2019/2020Under 14 Division 14 1Guildford Leagues
595011534491513440318002150Aikeshkumar PatelBaulkham Hills2019/2020A Reserve1 1Sydney Supersonics
605016481081513440318443450*Lucas OvertonBaulkham Hills2019/2020B113 1Pendle Hill Colts
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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PDCA:A 5 16 Nov 19
Super11 Sports
   def by  
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:A Reserve 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
Guildford Leagues
PDCA:B1 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
Spartans XI
PDCA:B2 5 16 Nov 19
Winston Hills
   def by  
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:B3 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
NSW Tamils
PDCA:B4 5 16 Nov 19
Winston Hills
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:B9 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
Sydney Supersonics
PDCA:B10 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:B11 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
   def by  
Wentworthville Leagues
PDCA:B12 5 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills
Seven Hills-Toongabbie RSL
PDCA:B14 5 16 Nov 19
Sydney Supersonics
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:B15 5 16 Nov 19
Wentworthville Leagues
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:Under 16 Division 1 5 16 Nov 19
Hills Barbarians
   def by  
Baulkham Hills
PDCA:Under 11 Red 9 16 Nov 19
   def by  
Baulkham Hills B
PDCA:Under 11 Red 9 16 Nov 19
Baulkham Hills A
   def by  
Winston Hills 1